A list of Certifier product updates by date

  • Dashboard: new pricing model with new UX/UI, granular limits, and add-on.
  • Dashboard: new account details page with billing information, e.g. invoices, cycles, etc.
  • Wallet: full custom branding add-on for digital certificates (logo, colors, links, etc)
  • Wallet: enhanced issuer’s section with full customization 
  • Certificates: added the certificate engagement tab that shows all actions taken by a holder of a specific certificate
  • Certificates: certificate history feature – all certificate changes done by the issuer
  • Builder: text & dynamic attributes auto-scaling 
  • Builder: enhanced elements seciton in design builder (lines & elements)
  • Dashboard: improved onboarding flow for new users ľ– issuing first certificates became much easier!
  • Builder: refactored design-builder section and added the UI/UX improvements
  • Issuing: improved the recipient uploading process by introducing a Smart Table  
  • Certificates: overall improvements of the Certificates sections 
  • Certificates: added certificate statuses (published, opened, engaged, added to LinkedIn)
  • Certificates: new advanced filters for certificates 
  • Email builder: improvement email sender details (Reply-to, CC, BCC)
  • Dashboard: new Certifier branding: logo, colors, fonts
  • Dashboard: covered Certifier with the first 100 automatic E2E tests
  • Email builder: new emails section with templates and branding
  • Certificates: introduced a new feature – certificate change requests 
  • Dashboard: added a dashboard with analytics and account stats
  • Wallet: released wallet for digital certificates - 
  • Wallet: added new features to digital certificates (add to LinkedIn, shareable link, UUID, etc.)
  • Dashboard: redesigned and improved the settings page

This is where the changelog starts, but at this point, Certifier has already been around for about 6 months! Thus, the list you see below is not a changelog per se, but a sort of highlights list describing our main feature updates before this date.

  • Email builder: launched the Email Builder where users can create and brand their email templates. Introduced the possibility to set up custom sender details.
  • Certificates: made it possible to automatically generate certificates in bulk with a few clicks. 
  • API: Launched internal API service for handling work between core parts of the applications in a fast and secure way. 
  • Builder: Launched custom dynamic attributes for uploading dynamic names, emails, dates, and added more than 10 different types of dynamic information for certificate designs.

End of Changelog

If you would like to request a feature that is not currently available at Certifier or you have some improvement ideas – great, write to us!

Contact us by email at, with "Feature request" stated in your subject line and describe the functionality you need in the email. Please, include your Certifier’s account email address. Our technical team strives to satisfy all customers and regularly release new features requested by our customers.