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Our digital credentials infrastructure has everything you need to generate certificates. A certificate builder, templates, emails, security, and analytics.

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We have created a trustworthy infrastructure for the creation of digital credentials and certificates. In today’s digitalized world, we need hard proof – words are no longer enough. Our platform will help you demonstrate your knowledge and experience clearly and concisely.

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Our platform for creating certificates and digital credentials can be used for everything

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    Use our powerful builder to create beautiful certificates: either from scratch or existing templates.

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    Generate certificates in bulk with one click by uploading a spreadsheet with recipients’ data or by integrating Certifier via API.

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    Enjoy the ability to securely store and manage issued certificates.

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    Replace useless PDFs with trustworthy and verifiable documents.

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    The certificates you issue become a powerful marketing tool since they are easily shareable on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Find Out How Our Certificate Maker Works

Start generating certificates in a few clicks. See how to use Certifier to design, create, issue, and send digital certificates and credentials.

No time limit on the free plan

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Watch the video today so that we can help make your life easier by streamlining the process of issuing and sending certifications. We promise it will be worth it!

A Digital Certificate Software For Everyone

Сertifier is suitable both for small organizations with a few hundred certificates and for big companies that want to manage a large-scale certification program with millions of recipients.

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    Webinar & conference

    Certificates confirming participation in conferences or webinars.

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    Certificates confirming participation in online and offline courses.

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    Alternative education

    Diplomas and certificates of completion of alternative and /or innovative educational programs.

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    Corporate training

    Certificates issued upon employee training within the company.

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    Universities & Postgraduate

    Diplomas awarded upon graduation from a degree-granting university; either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

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    Symposia & events

    Certificates confirming participation in a symposium or online/offline event.

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    Workshops & Bootcamps

    Certificates confirming participation in workshops, masterclasses, trainings, or boot camps.

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    Product companies

    Certificates confirming the ability to use a specific technology, product, or program.

No time limit on the free plan. No credit card required.

The Most Powerful Features To Manage Certificates

Design Certificates

Make awesome certificate designs within minutes with our powerful certificate builder and professional ready-made certificate templates.

  • 300+ certificate templates
  • Customizable text, fonts, and objects
  • Add personalized branding, colors, and style
  • Easily alterable certificate size
  • Dynamic and customizable attributes
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1,200+ people have joined in the last 30 days

Manage Recipients

Certifier is a comprehensive credential management system where you can manage the certificate distribution process from start to finish. It allows you to create groups of recipients, rapidly issue certificates, modify and resend issued documents, and delete or revoke expired certificates.

  • Create groups of recipients
  • Upload a spreadsheet with recipients’ data
  • Map your data to dynamic attributes
  • Send credentials to all recipients in seconds
  • Manage all issued credentials in one place
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We promise it will be worth it

Get Marketing Insights

Gain valuable marketing insights and analytics about your issued certificates. Our digitized processes make it easier to use this information in order to make data-driven business and marketing decisions.

  • Track your recipients engagement
  • Explore the generated PPC revenue
  • See LinkedIn sharing statistics
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Free Certificate Templates

Get professionally designed templates and create certificates in minutes. More than 300 free professional-design certificates, diplomas, and achievement documents for all of your needs.

  • Simple certificate template - picture #1

    Simple certificate template

  • Modern certificate template - picture #1

    Modern certificate template

  • Workshop certificate template - picture #1

    Workshop certificate template

  • Completion certificate template - picture #1

    Completion certificate template

  • Empty certificate template - picture #1

    Empty certificate template

  • Formal certificate template - picture #1

    Formal certificate template

  • Webinar certificate template - picture #1

    Webinar certificate template

  • Bootcamp certificate template - picture #1

    Bootcamp certificate template

  • Awesome certificate template - picture #1

    Awesome certificate template

  • Fancy certificate template - picture #1

    Fancy certificate template

  • Diploma certificate template - picture #1

    Diploma certificate template

  • Attendance certificate template - picture #1

    Attendance certificate template

  • Professional certificate template - picture #1

    Professional certificate template

  • Elegant certificate template - picture #1

    Elegant certificate template

  • Course certificate template - picture #1

    Course certificate template

  • Achievement certificate template - picture #1

    Achievement certificate template

How to Generate Certificates in 3 steps

This tutorial is a step-by-step guide on how to create and issue certificates for your online school students, webinar attendees, or course graduates via a one-click automatic email that uses Certifier.

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