Issuing digital certificates may be a game-changer for your company’s brand awareness, online visibility, employee engagement, and satisfaction, or the marketing of your online course, just to name a few advantages of creating certificates. But you need a foolproof tech stack to reach any of the benefits that creating online certificates brings.

No matter what design tool you use, what kind of text editor you create your copy in, or what system you use to gather and analyze data, to be efficient, you still need a dedicated solution to generate certificates.

Check our list of professional certificate makers that will help you achieve your business goals through outstanding certificate designs and seamless certificate generation processes.

Certifier - most reliable online certificate creator

Certifier screen

Pricing: $29 per month for the Standard plan. The Individual plan costs $0.

I think that Certifier is the most reliable and efficient online certificate maker. This solution enables you to build, design, issue, manage and send online certificates in minimum time. Each step of the process happens in a convenient certificate creator that is really easy to use and navigate through. What makes Certifier stand out among other online tools for certificates is its huge library of free certificate templates that is available for every user.  

If you don’t want to use ready-made templates, you can always create your own design using a powerful visual editor. When the look of your certificates is ready, you can customize documents by filing them out with data using dynamic elements. Thanks to this feature you are able to issue personalized certificates and then automatically send them in bulk via a built-in email sender.

That’s not all - each certificate can be downloaded and saved in your preferred format, including PDF and ZIP.

Certifier website

Accredible - comprehensive certificate generator

Accredible screen

Pricing: Starting at $960 per year. Accredible also offers a free plan with limited features.

Accredible is a digital credentialing platform. You can use it to issue, manage and track branded certificates or badges. This solution enables you not only to edit and view the analytics of certificates you send them but also to add features like expiry date to each document you create.

The tool offers a feature enabling organizations to not only generate certificates but also add verification as a part of the process. This means that recipients of certificates and their potential employees can verify whether the certificates they are presented with are legitimate. Certificates issued using Accredible can be revoked even after being published.

Accredible website

CVTrust/Smart Certificate - issue digital certificates and credentials

Smart Certificate screen

Pricing: Starting at 575 € (approx. $695) per year.

The Smart Certificate is a SaaS platform you can use to generate certified documents to the blockchain. Certificates you make using Smart Certificate labels are always created in a secure way. By using this solution to generate your certificates you can create the emission and the flow of all issued documents.

The possibility to check whether a certain document branded by the Smart Certificate is credible brings additional value to the platform users. As the creators of this solution state, they want to bring efficiency and transparency in the education sector and job market.

CVTrust website

TrueCtr - a digital certificates creator

Truecrm screen

TrueCtr was created to let organizations like schools, businesses, or NGOs create and issue secure and verifiable digital documents such as certificates, diplomas, awards, proofs of membership, etc. The tool provides static and animated certificate designs,  You can use this tool to create and distribute certificates with animated designs, which, as claimed by TrueCtr, may attract more traffic to your website.

TrueCtr’s system provides users with statistics about issued certificates and lets organizations learn from every certificate they generated. Digital documents can be issued automatically or in bulk, it’s possible to download and print them.

TrueCtr website

Certify'em - simple certificate maker

Certifyem screen

Pricing: Certify'em offers three plans: Free, Gold and Platinum. The Certify'em GOLD plans’ price starts at $39.99 per year

Certify’em is a simple certificate generator for online course creators looking for an uncomplicated certificate maker. The solution uses Google Forms as a part of an exam to create certificates and send them via email to exam takers. You can choose from a number of templates, but most of them offer a pretty basic design.

This certificate maker has more than 100 reviews on Google Workplace Marketplace, so you can always check what others say and decide whether it’s the right solution for you.

Certify'em website

Sertifier - create certificates instantly

Sertifier screen

Pricing: $890 per year for the Premium plan.

Sertifier lets users design, send, and store digital credentials, certificates, and badges in a simple, secure way. It’s really easy to use thanks to a simple drag and drop certificate designer. Since Sertifier enables you to track certificates you issue, it can also be used as an education data collection tool. It’s possible to collect education data via Sertifier, because this solution analyzes actions taken by each certificate receiver and follows every step of the documents you sent.

Other features provided by Sertifier include: importing receiver lists, bulk sending of certificates, exploring skills assessments, following trending skills in your company or industry, and more.

Sertifier website

Mettl Certify - online certificate maker

Mettl Certify screen

Mettl is a leading provider of online talent measurement solutions and the company has been changing the educational landscape since 2010.  One of the products it provides includes online certification software. You can use Mettl to conduct online assessments, exams, or learning and development initiatives such as coding assessment, campus hiring, hackathons, skills gap analysis, blue-collar recruitment tests, and so on.

These are just a few examples of knowledge check options provided by Mettl. Each of these initiatives can be completed by issuing a certificate using the Online Certification Tool offered by Mettl. It can be leveraged to generate certificates for software certification, industry certification, or educational assessments.

Mettl Certify website

SimpleCert - custom digital certificates


Pricing: Starting at $19 per month. SimpleCert offers a free account with 10 credits a month.
SimpleCert is an easy-to-use and complete certificate management system. With this software, you can automatically issue certificates and then send them using email templates with a possibility to add your own text and images and obviously include links to download certificates. Each email including a certificate is tracked to measure efficiency.

The tool enables some degree of personalization, as you can upload lists of recipients and other data corresponding with each certificate and email address.

SimpleCert website

Credly - create certificates and badges online

Credly screen

Credly is an end-to-end solution that creates, creates and manages digital credentials in a form of, among others, badges or certificates. This solution serves as a network for credential issuers, enabling companies to manage their credential programs, issue certificates, and collect data about their employees’ knowledge and skills. It’s used by many organizations to recognize and reward achievement, attract and retain talent, or bring value to members by providing verifiable and credible digital credentials.

Certificate generation is one of the features offered by Credly. By using this solution you can create digital credentials in a secure way, store, and distribute them in seconds thanks to bulk upload, integrations offered by Credly, or using its REST API.  

Credly website

Summary and conclusions

As you see, there are many certificate generators available on the market.

Depending on your budget and what you expect from the tool, you can choose from simple solutions, test more advanced software, or, if your business model requires it, create an end-to-end educational experience with certificates as a part of the puzzle.

It may be a bit hard to choose from a pool of possibilities, but as for now, you have one reliable tool at your fingertips. Think about the most ambitious project that involves using a certificate generator, and  Certifier will cover most of your requirements for online tools for certificates.

You can always create a free account to test our solution and get to know all of its features and what potential it offers.