May 20, 2022

What Is the Best Diploma Generator in 2022

Firstly, let's cover some basics and explain what a diploma generator is, why you need one, and how it can help you.

Let's get started.

What is a diploma generator and how does it work?

A diploma generator is software that allows creating your own perfect document. You can choose the diploma template and add or change the content – text, images, fonts, etc. Some of the generators let you design from scratch. Then, once you're happy with your design, you can download or print it out.

There are a few different diploma generators, but the most popular ones are online tools. These allow you to create your custom diploma quickly and easily without installing any software. However, some online tools may require you to create an account before using them.

The benefits of using a diploma generator

Diploma generators have many advantages, but we’ve listed the most crucial ones.

✅ You can order your diploma from the comfort of your own home

If you find the generator that meets your criteria, you choose the template, edit it, and send it to the recipients. That’s all. You don’t need to leave your house or even call or write an email to a professional to create a diploma. You can do it on your own comfortably sitting at your desk.

✅ There are a wide variety of designs to choose from

Making a diploma from scratch can be challenging and time-consuming. With a diploma generator, you can access many designs as well as blank diploma templates, all adjustable.

Choose the design that works best for you, add an image, write a text and choose one of the beautiful fonts. A good diploma generator should have templates for every occasion or at least the tools for editing the template to fit the purpose. 

Before deciding on your diploma generator, it is worth checking what templates and designs they offer. Also, check their gallery and tools for building diplomas.

✅ You can get your diploma in as little as a few minutes

A good diploma generator allows you to make diplomas within minutes. It is possible when the builder has a user-friendly interface, so while the diploma creation process, you know what to do next intuitively.

It is an essential factor you should consider while choosing a diploma builder. If you have a couple of generators on your mind, check if they work for you so that you can go through the designing process in a few minutes. In addition, an intuitive interface is crucial and speeds up your work.

✅ You can do it in bulk

If you have a bigger group of diploma recipients, generating and sending documents in bulk is super vital. It's like handling requests in Shopify inbox alternatives, fast and without any hassle. Doing everything manually would be a very daunting task. Can you imagine writing all the names on diplomas and email addresses?

Even if you copy and paste them, it still takes plenty of time. Having a diploma generator that delivers making and sending diplomas in bulk is a time-saver.  

✅ It's cheaper than hiring a professional 

If you generate diplomas often, hiring a professional designer can be costly. Even if you create certifications once in a while, it is still an expense.

Having a diploma generator subscription is far more cost-effective than engaging a contractor. For example, with Certifier, a much cheaper option, you can generate 3000 certificates or diplomas monthly and have a solid set of features such as custom congratulatory emails, engagement analytics, high-quality printing, etc.

Best Diploma Generator – Our Choices

Take a look at our picks of the best diploma generators in 2022.

#1 Certifier

Certifier is a diploma builder and certificate creator for making and managing credentials. In addition, Certifier provides all necessary features for building, designing, issuing, and sending documents at home.

Here are some key features of Certifier:

📍Certifier has reasonable pricing 

There are three plans. 

  • A free plan is ideal for occasional non-professional users.

  • A standard plan at $19 per month is recommended for those who issue diplomas to smaller groups (you can adjust the number of certificates accordingly to your needs).

  • A professional plan at $79 is great if you send credentials to bigger groups.

📍Certifier is easy to use

Certifier’s primary purpose is to create and issue credentials. Therefore, the design process is very straightforward, and there is no way of getting lost among some other functionalities. Also, its highly intuitive interface makes the building process an enjoyable experience.

See how you can make a diploma with Certifier ➡️ How To Make a Diploma Online in 4 Easy Steps

📍Certifier provides sending diplomas in bulk

The Certifier software enables you to generate and issue digital diplomas in bulk. First, remember to prepare a CSV file with a recipients group with their names and email addresses.

A Certifier system is designed to create original diploma automatically so that you can send them in bulk with one click.

Every recipient will then receive their unique document by email. The entire process is simple, easy, and seamless. In addition, you can issue certificates in bulk for free using any plan.

📍Certifier provides marketing insights

It is a powerful tool for those who want to measure diploma recipient engagement. With Certifier, you gain marketing insights and analytics about issued documents. For example, the number of people who: 

  • shared a diploma on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter as a post

  • added to LinkedIn profile 

Also, you can see how many people opened the emails with the document and explore the generated PPC revenue. 

📍Certifier allows managing recipients 

Diploma management has never been easier. You can create groups, issue documents, and modify and resend when needed. That is a great feature allowing to manage diplomas in one place. 

Mistake happens, so if you need to correct spelling mistakes in your diploma, you edit diplomas at ease even after issuing. 

📍Designing diplomas in Certifier takes minutes 

In Certifier, you will find diploma and certificate design templates. The pre-made documents will help you save plenty of time. In addition, there is a wide selection of printable certificates and diplomas. So choose the best one for you, add your content and share the documents with the recipients.  

It doesn’t matter if you are an occasional diploma provider or someone who needs to issue credentials regularly.

Certifier is excellent for everyone – thanks to well-thought pricing plans, everyone will find something suitable – education certificates, actual school diploma, attendance certificates, a month award certificate, and many more.

#2 Canva

Canva is an online graphic program. It allows the creation of a wide variety of visual content – infographics, social media posts, presentations, posters, etc. You can also design certificates and different diploma versions, such as certificates of achievement or college diplomas.

Canva offers two pricing plans – Canva Pro at $12.99 per month and Business at $39 per month. There is also a free plan available.

📍Canva provides many tools and functionalities 

You might be impressed after opening Canva. However, the number of functionalities, templates, and tools can be overwhelming if you use Canva for the first time.

Nevertheless, it can be used for business, marketing, education, and creating a wedding invitation or a resume. You can find there a wide selection of templates, such as fun diploma certificate templates or associate degree diplomas (e.g., an associate certification in project management).

📍Canva lacks analysis and marketing insights of diplomas 

Compared to Certifier, Canva does not provide any insights into credentials. You cannot see how many recipients opened the email or added the official document to LinkedIn.

The insights you gain from issuing diplomas are crucial to making decisions and provide you with a good idea of how the participants perceive your course, webinar, or workshops.

📍You cannot send diplomas in bulk in Canva

Unfortunately, with Canva Creative Studio, you cannot send your diplomas in bulk. Choosing Canva for building diplomas means doing everything manually – you need to type all the names and then type all the email addresses.

Additionally, there is no way to manage diplomas, such as in the case of Certifier. If you want to correct a typo after sending, you must repeat the process – choose the template, correct the mistake, save it, and send the email again. 

📍Canva offers a wide selection of templates 

Canva provides many templates that you can edit as you like. For example, you can add an image or change diploma fonts or color palettes. In addition, there are many templates for different occasions and purposes – education, internship, kids, courses, participation, and more.

#3 Visme

Our next pick is Visme. It is an online piece of software providing a huge selection of tools for creating graphic designs. 

 Visme, similarly to Canva, offers a free plan and paid ones: 

  • Personal at $12.25 per month

  • Business at $24.75 per month 

  • Enterprise – the price depends on your needs

📍Visme provides analytics and integration

Maybe it doesn't provide such extensive analytics options as this Swydo alternative, but it's still useful. You can get visualized percentages and performance statistics on your diplomas with Visme’s visualization tools. For example, you can see how many recipients viewed their diplomas or when awardees viewed them.

📍You can’t manage diplomas in Visme 

Also, you can’t manage your diplomas or preview them before delivering them. So, as in the case of any mistakes, you should repeat the whole process.

📍Visme offers many customizable templates designs 

Visme is equipped with many templates that you customize to your needs. You can also upload your font. Changing and adjusting the elements on your diploma seems to be a simple process.

📍You cannot send diplomas in bulk with Visme

The way of sending out the diplomas that Visme suggests is to send a link with the document to participants. Unfortunately, it does not work automatically, so you still need to type all the names and email addresses manually.

#4 Bannerbear

It is an online graphic tool. With Bannerbear, you can auto-generate eCommerce banners, social media visuals, and more. It is also used for building diplomas.

Bannerbear delivers three paid plans: Automate at $49 per month, Scale at $149 per month, and Enterprise at $299 per month. In our ranking, it is the only platform that doesn’t provide a free plan. However, if you want to try, a 14day free trial is available.

The good news is that some of Bannerbear's tools are free, such as an invoice generator, wedding invite generator, online certificate maker, or diploma generator. 

📍Bannerbear customization of templates could be better

The templates are adjustable, meaning that you adjust the content – write a recipient’s name, the subtitle of the document, the date, and the issuer's signature.

And that’s all. There is no way of moving the content to the left or right.

Also, you can add any images or change the fonts. There are pre-made templates, but the choice is relatively poor. There are only four templates available, all in one type – rather elegant and formal.

📍Bannerbear lacks marketing insights and managing diplomas

Bannerbear does not offer diploma analysis, and you cannot manage the credentials. Once you send it and want to correct something, you need to repeat the whole process.

📍You can’t send diplomas in bulk with Bannerbear

If you have a bigger group of recipients, creating diplomas with Bannerbear will take some time. Building credentials with this tool could be repetitive and tedious.

📍Bannerbear diplomas can be created in minutes

However, if you need to create one or two diplomas certificates and you are okay with the formal design, Bannerbear will work for you. To create a document, all you need to do is fill in four columns with the recipient’s name, document subtitle, issuer’s name, and date. Moreover, this tool protects your participants' sensitive information by using multi factor authentication.

How to use Certifier to create custom diplomas for your needs

Let’s take one more closer look at how to use Certifier as your diploma generator. 

Certifier is a diploma and certificate generator and online certificate maker great for both big companies or online schools for regular diploma generation or individuals who need a diploma occasionally. This platform is straightforward and fun to use. You can build a professional certification with a few clicks. See how it works!

To start, you need to have an account. Click here to sign up for free and to be able to create beautiful diplomas. Once you have the account, you will see the dashboard and four more tabs: Designs, Groups, Certificates, and Emails. All the tabs are the only steps you need to take to make your diploma shines!

Pst! With Certifier’s preview feature, you can check the diplomas quickly before sending them. It’s beneficial in catching any typos or mistakes. Certifier also provides your recipients with a custom email template with congratulations. It seems like a detail, but in fact, it may positively influence the diploma reception.

A few words of conclusion

Many diploma generators are available on the market, but the strongest player is definitely Certifier.

It has everything a good credential builder should have – reasonable pricing, a user-friendly interface, and beautiful, fully customizable diploma certificate designs within minutes. Great for occasional users and smaller teams or companies. Why wait?

Sign up for Certifier to create amazing diplomas.


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