Certificate Background: All You Need To Know

Much has been said about certificates, but have you ever given your real attention to the importance of the background of this document?

Sergey ButkoMarch 15, 202219 min read
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Of course, apart from the visual aspects and the fact that it is simply pretty, you have to consider that the right certificate background design is not meant to be just "nice."

In this article, we'll tell you why a certificate background is an important factor, what are the pros and cons of ready-made templates and those created by you and we'll show you three steps to help you create a great background with Certifier! Let's go!

What is a certificate background?

All diplomas, certificates and credentials can be issued on a white piece of paper or in the form of an online file. Precisely: they can, but do they have to? 

Absolutely not, because you can create a beautiful design or use a ready-made background and make this award even more valuable and bring the owner more happiness!

So the certificate's background is a combination of relevant elements that, when merged, create a colorful, eye-catching and attractive design. The text layer and additional images added to it make a perfect certificate project that you can send or hand out to your:

  • employees, 
  • students, 
  • meeting participants, 
  • winners of the contest,
  • etc.

Why choosing an ideal certificate background is so important?

The certificate's background is a visual element that makes the document more attractive and valuable to the holder. In addition, it is intended to make it more than just another black and white document, but an unforgettable souvenir that can be framed and displayed. In the end, such a certificate is praise for the owner and a motivator for further action and growth.

Therefore, you should definitely consider what background will be perfect for your certificate. The importance here is additionally about:

  • selection of elements,
  • arrangement of elements,
  • text placement,
  • additional images

Also, remember that using too many elements is not healthy. When you want to do a fantastic project, it's easy to overdo it, add too many details, mix up the colors, etc. And it doesn't work out well, but quite the opposite.

The power of colors

Speaking of the certificate's background, we cannot ignore the vital role of colors here. 

Their proper selection is significant because they impact the psyche and emotions of a person. Warm colors are reviving and activating. However, if they are used too often or in a dissonant arrangement, they can also cause anxiety. You can use these properties to your advantage as these colors are directly eye-catching. Also, do not use too many colors, try to limit yourself to three of them.

For example, yellow symbolizes summer feelings and a good mood. We associate it with youth, lightness, optimism and openness. And the pink color symbolizes gentleness, care, and love. We often associate it with femininity. Less intense than red, it still draws attention but has a milder effect.

On the other hand, cold colors have a calming and serious effect. Green, for example, often has a calming yet positive impact. Pure shades of purple stand out and feel rather "loud."

Do we reject black and white altogether, then? 

Not necessarily. We associate white with purity, innocence and perfection. However, white alone does not create emotions and takes over the attributes of the other colors.

Black is noble, modern and functional. We associate it with luxury and elegance, seriousness, and sadness. Especially in combination with noble-looking colors such as silver and gold, it gives a sense of prestige, comfort and luxury.

Pros & Cons about using ready-made templates and creating a new one

You may want to use a background that is just right for your company's visual identity. If you can’t find any template that fits your needs, you can easily create a new one or just customize the existing background. But, if you feel that you are not good at design, you can just use the template.

When your design already looks good, you can put it wherever you want, right? For example, you can use it for all your documents or for some of them.

However, every solution has its advantages and disadvantages, as with each business. There are some that appear only when you use ready-made templates and others when you use custom templates. For that reason, we have compiled a list of specific benefits and problems you may encounter.

Already existing templates

When you're trying to create an eye-catching and professional certificate, do you know where to start? What background should you choose? Which colors work best together? You do not need to worry about these issues when selecting from our ready templates in Certifier. 

With our easy-to-use click-based design interface, all you need to do is pick a template that looks somewhat like the one you want and customize it to fit your needs. 

Certifier doesn't require any coding or design skills to create unique backgrounds. You can just add a design element by clicking on the appropriate icon on the design page. Your changes will be visible immediately. And don't be afraid to make a few mistakes along the way. To your heart's content, you can experiment with layouts, colors, texts, and imagery.



In most companies, employees are heavily burdened. They are able to perform immediate and urgent tasks, but they no longer have time for additional tasks. These, although important, are often postponed "until later." Planned deadlines are often very distant or even unrealistic, which means that many tasks are not completed. 

By using ready-made templates, you definitely save time. You certainly don't need to design everything from scratch, and as a result, creating a certificate background focuses on selecting already-prepared images or customizing them. So it is an ideal solution for those who do not have time to design independently.

Ease of use

The backgrounds are prepared for professional use. To make a good-looking background, you should take the time to consider whether you can create one yourselves or whether the ready-made ones are more appropriate. If you don't have any experience, it will be better to choose a ready-made one if you want it to look more professional.

Of course, using the available templates is easy and involves no knowledge. Fortunately, most available platforms for creating certificates can use pre-made templates now. The use of these templates is easy and intuitive with such platforms. It only takes a few clicks to prepare the entire background.

Ready templates are created in such a way as to create a fully prepared certificate simply and effectively in a few steps. Additionally, they are always integrative with other functions like text, pictures, shapes, etc. But always try to place your elements logically and symmetrically. 

Therefore, the whole process is just simple. Thus, even beginners who are not experts in using the platform can quickly create such a certificate on their own.

Many variants to choose from

When a platform offers ready-made templates, it means it probably has a lot of ready-made backgrounds and you can search and search until you find what you like.

This means you don't have to worry about not having an idea for your certificate background, or that creating certificates isn't your job, or that you are not creative enough. In this way, choosing the correct pattern and background for your certificate is just a matter of selecting the right design and background.

High customization

We have already mentioned it, but we will emphasize it even more now. Even if you choose a ready-made certificate template or background, that does not mean your adventure with design is over. Generally, you can add your own elements, remove something, change the color, etc.

This does not limit your imagination but supports it because you already have picked up a vision of the project, and if you wish to change it, it is up to you.


High availability of themes

However, you need to be aware that although there are a lot of background templates available, the patterns may duplicate those available on other platforms. In other words: if you choose a ready-made template, be aware that it is not original and there is a high probability that it is often used and common among other customers who like it.

Due to the fact that the templates are generally available, they are not very distinctive. And customers appreciate when they are distinguished from the crowd - even when it comes to certifications. For this reason, careful research is essential before deciding so that you don't make a mistake and use the same designs as your direct competitor.

Your fresh new templates

Okay, you've done your research, gone through all the available backgrounds and themes, and you don't like anything. What now? 

Is it worth creating a background yourself and devoting your time to it? Yes, of course! Is it so hard? Much less than you think!

So let's see what the case with your own background preparation looks like now.


Lots of features are available

Exactly. Certificate design platforms have so many different functions and design possibilities that it's a sin not to use them. Starting with shapes, colors, different fonts, symbols, emblems and much more.

Of course, you don't have to use all of them. It is only up to you what do you want to try out. Our point is to show you what great opportunities lie in front of you and your certifications.

Ease of creating

We think we all like help at work or from other people. But sometimes it is impossible and we know that we really have to do something ourselves, without delegating work.

Designing certificate backgrounds is not something complicated and demanding that we cannot handle ourselves. Just like using ready-made backgrounds, creating a design ultimately from scratch is also intuitive and straightforward. Even though it contains more time, it is not a waste of time, as once created, a background design can be used many, many times. Or you can use it non-stop afterward at all.

And again, even with little knowledge of certificate design, we are able to create our dream one.

Originality of background

Each work you create is one of a kind, and it's original as just you made it. Even if you model yourself on an idea, it is still a project of your authorship. So do not worry if you change your mind or are not happy with the results. You can start over at any time.

Choose from dozens of elements. The interface will apply it to your project when clicking any of them. Additionally, you can create a certificate design for virtually any situation. So it doesn't matter if you're certifying a skill or recognizing the completion of an educational course - you can do it all.

The customization possibilities are endless, ensuring that your certificates are always distinctive and unique.

You can use your never-ending imagination

When it comes to building a certificate background, there are no creativity restrictions as your imagination is endless.

Creativity is about not only creating a visually beautiful certificate background but also experimenting with the project, creating new concepts and ideas, looking for new solutions and company development. Additionally, developing your creativity strengthens the belief that you can accomplish a lot by coming up with new ideas. Finally, the more you enjoy your work and have fun designing certificates, the more creative you will become.



The disadvantage that comes to mind is time-consuming to create your background for your own. Of course, this results in an amazing end result, but the truth is actual: it's not as time-saving as picking a finished material.

As a result, you complete the same task with more effort. You also have less time to complete your following job responsibilities. But on the other hand, practice makes perfect. If you design regularly, it will also go smoothly in the end.

Take a shoot to Certifier!

Generally, certificates serve two important purposes: recognizing accomplishments and certifying skills and qualifications. That's why you should create certificates that are unique and of high quality. Without it, your brand or achievement can be lowered. Thankfully, creating special certificates with Certifier is a breeze.

From all of the different platforms, there is also Certifier - a user-friendly certificate maker for beginners and experienced ones as well.

Using this platform means you are able to create outstanding backgrounds for your certificates or use ready-made templates to make your work more smoothly.


Certifier is your best free option to create and manage certificates, credentials and badges also, as this tool is not only for building backgrounds. Apart from the powerful visual editor for editing templates and creating backgrounds from scratch, you have the possibility to: 

  • use dynamic elements, 
  • add personalized branding, colors, style,
  • change the certificate size,
  • download ready documents in various formats, 
  • take advantage of a built-in email sender, 
  • utilize analytics tools.

Send you eye-catching certificates in bulk using a service like Certifier. And if you wish, you can send emails manually. If so, configure your email provider to use SMTP and optimize the size of PDF documents before sending them. 

As you see, on this platform, you find all features related to managing online documents like certificates and credentials. So sign up and start for free here to see why our tool is all what you need.

Creating a perfect certificate background in 3 steps with Certifier!

You can use this checklist to create backgrounds for certificates for your online school students, webinar attendees, or course graduates using a one-click automatic email that uses Certifier.

#1 Create an account

Your first step should be to register and log in to Certifier. It takes less than a minute to complete. Thus, if you are logged in, you will automatically be redirected to the Design tab and can begin creating your first certificate background.

#2 Choose or make up a template

Here you have 2 options: using a pre-made template or creating a background from scratch.

If you want to use a template, click on the Templates button and find your favorite pre-made template offered by Certifier's templates library. Next, customize the template that you have chosen and design your first certificate.

But if you want to do your certificate background by yourselves, choose images, attributes, colors on your own and let your imagination dive you!

#3 Finish and send!

When you think your background is already, add the text layer and some extra images and elements (but remember not to overdo). You can save your design and use it for your later needs if you wish.

Ready? Ready!

Now send your certificates using bulk sending or send them manually. And if you want to know how to use dynamic attributes to create and send certificates in bulk, check out this article!

Are you ready for a unique certificate background?

Create astonishing certificate backgrounds for graduations, memberships, course completions, and more by designing and changing templates in Certifier. Make your certificate design step by step, avoid the most common mistakes, and you will be amazed.

And you don't need to download any application for this tool because Certifier only requires you to be connected to the internet.

Do you have more questions? Then visit our Q&A section, or contact us :)

Written bySergey ButkoTech entrepreneur. Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. Digital Marketer.

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