10 Free Certificate Templates for Webinars

In this article, we collected 10 best editable certificate templates provided by Certifier to suit almost any webinar topic.

Uliana KysheniukFebruary 14, 20227 min read
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Why do you need to issue certificates to your webinar attendees?

Nowadays, webinars are perceived as valuable sources of information, providing people the possibility to obtain knowledge online.

On the other hand, with such a drastic rise in the number of online webinars conducted, one should make incredible efforts to stand out among others.

One of the most effective means to do that is by issuing certificates to your webinar participants.

Issuing certificates of participation is a great way to encourage your webinar attendees, award the best performers, and boost the recognition of your institution.

Luckily, one does not need a degree in design to create and issue stylish certificates for webinars because such platforms as Certifier enable people to use professionally designed certificate templates.

In this article, we collected the 10 best editable certificate templates provided by Certifier to suit almost any webinar topic.

By the way, all of the provided templates are editable and can be fully adjusted to your needs. Check this guide on how to use Certifier to be empowered with the knowledge needed to create and issue your certificates to hundreds of webinar participants with one click.

#1 Sales Webinar Certificate Template

Certificate template for sales webinarCertificate template for sales webinar

Nowadays entrepreneurs are eager to get to know how to inspire buyers, maximize sales motivation, and win sales negotiations.

If you are launching a webinar on sales, do not miss the certificate design provided above!

The power of this template is the fact that you can add the name of your institution and replace the provided logo with your own. When your students will share their certificates, you will get additional recognition and popularity.

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#2 Entrepreneurship Webinar Template

Certificate template for entrepreneurship webinarCertificate template for entrepreneurship webinar

Launching a webinar in the field of entrepreneurship and how to start a business? Check out this certificate example that will suit an entrepreneurship webinar to a T.

Add your logo on the top and increase the recognition of your webinar even more!

#3 Personal Development Webinar Certificate Template

Certificate template for personal developmentCertificate template for a personal development certificate

Webinars on personal development has attracted a lot of attention recently. People are highly interested in the ways to tackle depression and avoid burnout.

Such a colorful certificate template is a perfect match for a personal growth webinar. Try and see for yourself!

#4 Design And Architecture Webinar Certificate Template

Webinar Certificate Template Design & Architecture Certificate template for design and architecture webinar

Design is perceived to be among the fastest developing niches. Thus, constant skill polishing is a must for those who want to achieve great results in this field.

This is why webinars on Web and Graphic Design are gaining more and more popularity these days. This colorful geometry-based certificate design is great for any kind of webinar devoted to design, architecture, or art.

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#5 Career And Business Growth Webinar Certificate Template

Certificate template for career webinarCertificate template for career webinar

Finding your career path is not always easy. That is why career webinars are constantly attracting a lot of attention.

This certificate template is a perfect match for the webinar devoted to business, career, team relationships, leadership, etc.

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#6 Fashion And Styling Webinar Certificate Template

Fashion And Styling Webinar Certificate TemplateCertificate template for fashion and styling webinar

Such topics as style, fashion trends, makeup, and hairstyles are among the most popular themes for webinars in 2021.

This elegant template perfectly matches the styling and fashion field and is a great certificate example that your students can get as an award for webinar participation!

#7 Personal Finance Webinar Certificate Template

Personal Finance Webinar Certificate TemplateCertificate template for personal finance webinar

More and more people are interested in financial growth and money management. Thus, personal finance, generating passive income, making money as a freelancer, etc. are popular webinar topics these days.

You can choose the template above to accompany your webinar on financial growth. Add a logo on top and gain additional popularity and recognition when your students share the certificate on their social media!

#8 Handcraft And Art Webinar Certificate Template

Certificate template for art webinarCertificate template for art webinar

The webinars about how to create something with your hands got exceptional popularity during COVID pandemic. Having a lot of free time on quarantine results in discovering new talents and skills!

Thus, if you are launching a webinar aimed at teaching people to DIY something or develop their artistic skills, do not miss this bright and bold certificate template!

#9 Online Marketing Webinar Certificate Template

Certificate template for online marketing webinarCertificate template for online marketing webinar

The biggest half of businesses are migrating online. Thus, the webinars on social media marketing, online promotion, and advertising have gained great popularity.

The template provided above perfectly matches the field of online marketing and can be used for the respective webinar!

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#10 Public Speaking Webinar Certificate Template

Certificate template for public speaking webinarCertificate template for public speaking webinar

Being able to speak so that you are listened to is real art. Polishing one's public speaking skills, together with getting rid of the fear to speak in front of a big audience is exactly what you can teach your students during the public speaking webinar.

The certificate template provided above matches the public speaking topic due to its elegance and simplicity.


As you can see, you do not need to be a professional designer to create beautiful certificates and send them to your webinar participants. Try Certifier and see it for yourself!

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